Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 2 [Recap and Thoughts]


Last episode ended with a creepy smirk from human Ulith, and it is in Episode 2 that we start to see what she has in store for our Selectors.

Join me as I recap and discuss each episode of Selector Spread WIXOSS!

[This will obviously include spoilers for the first season so if you’ve not kept up to date I urge you to watch those before you read any further. If you have interest in learning to play the WIXOSS TCG, check out my introduction to the game.]


We open with Ruko and Hitoe walking home, discussing the girl in the white room. Ruko suggests that the only way they’ll get any answers is for someone to become an LRIG, but of course she gets shut down.


Ruko then has one of her fantastic nightmare sequences, which have become quite the highlight throughout WIXOSS. In this one she is trapped in a web of WIXOSS, torn between all of her various desires to battle, to find and help her friends.


Then Tama appears, in another of her monstrous forms. Creepy as hell, she crawls along the web like a giant spider, eventually waking Ruko with a fright.


I really love these dreams, they foreshadow things to come, and the subconscious fears that Ruko has about who Tama is exactly. Indeed she was the one who got her hooked on battling in the first place.


Grandma, as always the coolest parent figure in an anime, challenges Ruko to a battle. She’s even crafted a new deck (this woman is awesome, love her). Ru accepts, however she refuses to use Iona. Burn!


Akira finally makes her appearance, and is as deranged as ever thanks to her facial scarring. It turns out that she’s in a bizarre relationship with Ulith! What a twisted pair these two make. A fair chunk of this episode focuses on Akira after her scars, and Iona (now Ulith) taking pity on her and revealing that she admired her from afar. At first Akira is wary, and even threatens to glass her face!


Akira receives a gift of makeup, and suddenly she is able to go out in public again. It turns out Ulith really does care about Akira, and is going to use everything at her disposal to boost her career back up to its previous heights. It is this gentleness that, according to Akira, has transformed Aki-lucky to Aki-lovely. Unfortunately Ulith is a crazy person, and it turns out the whole reason she wanted Akira was because she was also a sociopath.


Ruko’s punishment for losing to her grandmother is to pick up the groceries. It is on her way to the shop that she is ambushed by Akira and guilt tripped into battling.


This is the first time we see Ruko battle using Iona as her LRIG. The battle doesn’t go too well though, as Iona is NOT happy with the choices Ruko makes as a Selector.


The fight gets interrupted thankfully, but the threat of Akira showing up again is very real. We get to see one of Akira’s patented crazy eye faces. What a creeper.


The episode concludes with Chiyori discussing her outfit options and special move as an LRIG. She really is looking forward to becoming trapped in a card. She is interrupted by Ulith.. who doesn’t say anything but gives her creepy smile yet again.


Final thoughts

What does Ulith have in store for Chiyori? They don’t really seem to have any connection as yet. It can’t be good either way.

Still no appearance by the mysterious book author. Next episode perhaps?

Akira is using a new LRIG of the blue type, Mirurun. She doesn’t say much this episode, which is a surprise. Hopefully future episodes will reveal more of her personality, and if she is a good match for Crazy-Aki.

Until next time Selectors, ja ne!

3 thoughts on “Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 2 [Recap and Thoughts]”

  1. Hiiii,
    I love your site, I think that “Spread” it’ll to be Even better Than “infected”.
    I’ve to say that each episode is better Than the previous and I starting to think that Akira will be My favorite character( maybe I love the insane ones xD)


    1. I think Spread will definitely come out on top just for exploring more of the story of the actual game, and how it came to be. Akira really is a fantastically twisted character, isn’t she?


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