Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 3 [Recap and Thoughts]


Who is Mayu? In Episode 3 of Spread Selector WIXOSS we get some clues about the mysterious woman residing within the white room. Why is she there, controlling the WIXOSS LRIGs?

Join me as I recap and discuss each episode of Selector Spread WIXOSS!

[This will obviously include spoilers for the first season so if you’ve not kept up to date I urge you to watch those before you read any further. If you have interest in learning to play the WIXOSS TCG, check out my introduction to the game.]


We open directly after episode 2, with Ruko explaining to Iona why her heart was not in the battle with Akira. Turns out she only really enjoyed battling with her friends, and Tama.


Speaking of Tama, we finally see that she is within the white room, though she is very upset and missing her friends. Mayu arrives and here we get a proper look at her. She looks very much like Tama.. isn’t that strange? I think this might be the first clue that Mayu is related to Tama. Her mother perhaps?


After the intro we get to see Hanayo (in Yuzuki’s body) and her brother in school, and the gossip that surrounds their incestuous relationship. Everyone seems to know exactly what is going on with them, yet they walk proudly through the halls.


Ruko runs into them, and through a short conversation, Hanayo asks after Yuzuki and Hitoe, showing a small amount of empathy for their plight. She seems a little sad here, like maybe this is not the life she wants to be living, but is being bound by the contract of the Eternal Girl. She also tells Ruko to keep battling. Iona deduces that she can probably sense that Ru is not like the other girls.


HItoe travels on the train and discovers a magazine article by Akira, advertising for Selector battles. This has her worried that Ruko might be in danger of being forced to battle again (little does she know).


Ruko is antagonised by Iona the entire trip home from school.. is she really not going to battle anymore even though she enjoyed it so much? This sequence focuses on the many advertisements in the subway, where Ulith and Akira are everywhere. Ru really can’t escape the inevitable.


Iona poses the argument that even though each side of the WIXOSS game are using the other for their own means, they both benefit in the end. What does she really know about Hanayo, or Tama even? She might as well just give in and enjoy herself. This clearly hits home with Ruko, but she also rejects the idea. She enjoyed battling WITH Tama, not just the battles themselves.


Mayu welcomes Tama home, but all Tama wants is to leave and be with Ru again. Mayu tries to convince her that Ru was a liar and never was a real friend, but Tama knows the truth. It is here we start to see a little of the real personality behind Mayu.



She is a frightened and delusional woman, afraid to venture out into the real world. Did she have a hand in creating this game? Was it her escape plan?


As she hugs Tama, we see a vision.. or is it a memory? Of Tama, Mayu and some mystery person. Is that Ruko? They’re obviously younger, and this fits with Ru’s mother never being around.


Mayu wants Tama to stay with her forever, but Tama resists. In the end, Mayu reluctantly agrees to let Tama back out into the world to met with Ru.


Cut to the main 3 in a diner, where Ruko admits that she battled Akira. The others initially chastise her for it, but then they all agree that she should continue to battle in order to find Tama, but she should always have them nearby to support her as friends.


Akira seems to be having a bad day, Ulith is not impressed that Akira has hidden her scarring, and demands her to display it proudly. If there has ever been a time when I pitied Akira, it is in this scene. Her desperation is almost palpable.


We then get a quick scene with Hanayo and brother, showing her once again seeming to be doubting her actions. I wonder how long she is going to play this game with him?


Next Ruko and Hitoe are walking home when Yuzuki senses a Selector is near. They discover that Chiyori and Ulith are about to begin a battle. The way Chiyori talks here reminded me a bit of Sailor Moon, with her mention of Beautiful Selector Warriors.


Ulith declares the battle *insert dub step BGM here* and with all four of the girls inside the battle zone we see that her LRIG is….. TAMA! Boom, plot twist. Tama does NOT look happy to be there. Is it because she doesn’t like Ulith? Or is she still feeling the repercussion of the flashback earlier..  

Final thoughts

Is there any way that Mayu is NOT related to Tama in some way? They both have similar hair and then there was that flashback. This would fit with the previous information we have about Ruko’s mother.
Akira’s magazine article includes a cute “Nyaaaa” (the sound cats make in Japanese) at the end. There is a real theme of cats in this episode, Mayu took the form of one in the white room earlier, and in the previous episode Yuzuki joked that Tama may have originally started off as a cat before she was an LRIG. This can’t be a coincidence.

What do you think? Am I grasping at straws here, or do my theories have some merit? Let me know in the comments.

One thought on “Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 3 [Recap and Thoughts]”

  1. Hello 🙂
    Mayu is really misterious, and I feel bad for Akira ( I hope that she can reach her happiness :,( ).
    Maybe Ruu’s Mother met Mayu in the past?, Ruu and Tama were friends in their chilhood?
    More question and still no answers D;

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