Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 8 Thoughts


Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 8 brings with many revelations about the past and also the fan favourite, Sailor Venus! I’m still loving the art style of these intro cards, very classy indeed.

As always there are spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own peril.

We begin right at the end of Episode 7, and with it the reveal of Sailor V. Artemis explains that she is both the last guardian Sailor Venus, but also that she is the mysterious princess they’ve been searching for. I’m glad they their time with the animation in this section, as Venus is a big deal.


After the reveal that Venus is the Princess, Sailor Moon’s tiara suddenly levels up into this cool crescent moon shape. She also gets a flashback style memory of the Silver Millenium. Why do you think this is?

We also learn that Sailor V was giving Usagi instructions through the arcade machine. So cool!


They take Minako back to home base and we finally get a good look at all the gadgets and computers. This was missing from the classic anime so I am glad we get to see it this time around.


It’s not long before Kunzite goes on the offensive, luring out the Princess / Sailor Venus. As always her transformation sequence is in the nifty 3D art style that i’ve been enjoying throughout the series.

SailorMoonEp8e SailorMoonEp8f

We get a real sense of how lonely Minako has been, fighting on her own for so long. It takes her some time to come to grips with the fact that she’s fighting with a team again.

During this fight Minako pleads to Kunzite to stop attacking, and suggests that this is not what his true self would do. What is she talking about here? Obviously hinting at some knowledge of his past. He attacks anyway!

Of course the others come to her aid with this neato flying move. Is Jupiter able to fly now??


Venus tries to tell them to leave her to fight alone in this battle, but of course they stay put and let her know that friends are worth fighting for. The senshi go on the offensive, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Activation to end the fight.

Kunzite however is crafty and dodges the attack, blasting Sailor Moon out of the air. Thankfully Tuxedo Mask is able to save her from falling, and they have possibly one of the most tender moments so far. This time Usagi takes the lead, and gives him a big ole kiss.


As she goes off to fight Kunzite again, Mamoru realises how brave and strong she is now, fighting with her team. Something within her is changing and it seems he is the only one to have noticed it so far.



Kunzite goes on the offensive, and lines up a shot for Sailor Moon, but of course Tuxedo Mask plays the hero and takes the full brunt of the blast.



And thus we are left with a major cliffhanger. Is Tuxedo Mask going to be okay? (hint: I think we all know he will be!).



To be continued….


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