Young Adult eBooks come out on top in 2014


As an adult aged reader who enjoys a lot of Young Adult fiction, it can be difficult sometimes to deal with the negativity faced in online communities and even in real life. This can often manifest in people keeping their interest in YA on the down low, for fear of getting responses like “they’re for kids” or “why don’t you read real books?”.

Thankfully there has been some really healthy discussion in the community, especially on booktube about the topic of YA books being enjoyed by people outside of their intended market demographics.

Well fear not YA fans, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) have released some interesting numbers for 2014 and guess which category helped keep the publishing industry in the black… adults buying Young Adult eBooks!

Check out this great article over on that breaks down the numbers and what exactly that means for us as readers. Some key points to consider here are:

“ sales are up across all categories by 4.9 percent”..

“..sales were buoyed by a substantial increase in sales of Young Adult and Children’s books, up 22.4 percent over 2013..”

“..Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction is down by 3.3 percent over last year..”

Finally the major point of the article is revealed.

“The takeaway from this might not shock you, but it is substantial: It now seems clear that the healthiest market for trade books in 2014 includes adults who buy ebook versions of YA/Children’s books.”

So rise up and rejoice fellow adults! It turns out we’re the ones keeping this wonderful industry afloat in a time when sales are down in other areas. This is nothing but a good thing, and really goes to show the passion many of us have as fans of reading.

Let’s do our bit in 2015 and keep on buying books, support our favourite authors, and indulge ourselves on this exciting shared interest.. books!

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