Exciting Announcement! Guest Anime Reviewer at About.com


My dear readers, I have quite the exciting announcement for you all… I have been offered a guest writer position over on About.com!

Fellow aussie and anime enthusiast, Brad, is the resident Anime Expert on anime.about.com. As the Anime Expert he covers all aspects of the anime industry including series reviews, news, industry interviews and even general discussions around Japanese culture. He does a kick-arse job and I am somewhat jealous I didn’t get in there before he did!

Brad has taken pity on me and graciously offered me a guest spot writing anime reviews, starting with the quirky-yet-emotional When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace. This is a fun little series about a group of high school kids who suddenly develop super powers, but really have no practical use for them.

I’m really flattered that Brad has considered me for this and I look forward to introducing the about.com audience to some more niche titles that they may have never heard of before. As always, Read, Play, Review will still feature anime episode discussions and end of season wrap-ups so please stick around for those.

Everyone make sure to go check out Brad’s work and tweet him sweet nothings for me, he really enjoys those..

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