Review: Double Take by J.K. Pendragon

Double Take

Always a sucker for an Egyptian themed anything, I knew i’d be into this book as soon as I saw the cover. The description had me intrigued, what with the “magical science” and the hints at a steamy fling with a “handsome graduate student”. Of course I hit that download button.

WARNING: This is a book featuring adult sexual themes of a vivid nature. Do not pass go if you cannot handle this.

Available from: Less Than Three Press or Amazon Kindle
Goodreads: Double Take


What’s it about?

Studying magical science at the prestigious Kemet Academy is a privilege and dream come true for Teka, a poor student from D’mt. But focusing on school doesn’t mean xe can’t also admire Hasani, the handsome graduate student overseeing Teka’s work.

Then late one night at the school library, Teka runs into Hasani and is completely astonished when the stern, quiet man xe knows by day acts so flirty and casual, it’s like he’s a different person. When the late night encounter leads to dating, Teka can scarcely believe xyr luck.

But the luck plays out when xe discovers why Hasani seems so different between night and day, a discovery that seems to have no resolution except heartache…

What’d I think?

Teka is an intriguing main character, and my interest piqued further once I noticed the use of gender neutral pronouns throughout the story. As it turns out, Teka, through magical means, transformed their own body to encompass multiple sex characteristics (and azure blue hair, of course). I’ve never before had the pleasure of reading a book that was told entirely from the point of view of a genderqueer individual, let alone one that would include incredibly raunchy sex scenes!

Double Take is one of many stories being sold together in the Geeking Out bundle, available here.

Double Take is a quick read, at a slender 14,300 words, though it moves briskly and with confidence. J.K. Pendragon has successfully woven a sensual love story with complex characters and a beautifully twisted ending. The love interest of the piece, Hisani, seems somewhat bland at first. Luckily we learn some juicy details about his past that ramp up the interest factor.

My only concern with Double Take is the lack of magical examples at the academy. I fear some may be disappointed that Double Take sits closer to Romance than the Fantasy genre. Both elements are there, but this is very obviously a romance heavy story with a few fantastical spices thrown in.

What’s the verdict?

For me personally, this was the perfect introduction to a genderqueer character, without being heavy handed in the dramatic. A solid love story with kink, I hope J.K. Pendragon graces us with more from this world as I would love to know more about Teka and Hasani.


This book is available on the Kindle book store, often a little cheaper than the paper version. I generally read my books through the Kindle eReader or the free app on my Android phone.

KindleI received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

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